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Zone Tech Car Decorative Hanging Mirror Fuzzy Dice Pair Accessories, Black and White 3”

Zone Tech Car Decorative Hanging Mirror Fuzzy Dice Pair Accessories, Black and White 3”

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Remember when people used to hang fuzzy dice from their rearview mirror?

Well . now you can make your car look retro all over again with our adorable plush car dice. Not only will it set your car apart from the rest of the pack . but it also helps you express your personality in a small and inexpensive way.

Our fuzzy dice for car mirrors are a fun and playful way to turn up that cool factor. From their 50’s and 60’s popularity to even now in this time of sleek cars . these fuzzy little cubes can always put a smile on your face. They are great for passing time during those long drives or just giving yourself something else to focus on when stuck in traffic.

Give your car a little personality with Zone Tech Mirror Fuzzy Dice.

Installing this product is as easy as it sounds! Each pair is connected by a string and a small suction cup. Hanging it from your car mirror may be a little tricky but securing it on your car windshield will do the trick just fine. No matter how rough the road may get . this thing's suction cup has got some serious staying power.

This plush car dice is not just something to complement your vehicle but it can also serve as a decorative item at home or in the office. Play with it when you need to relieve some stress after work. This fuzzy dice even makes for a good keychain! Nowadays . there are so many things you can do with this soft toy . including hanging it from your wallet or bag.

The plush dice material is 100% washable with colors maintaining their saturation over a long period of time. It’s breathable and absorbs moisture without the worry of any lingering smell. The plush fabric has good air permeability . making these dice the perfect car accessories for a nice drive in any weather condition.

Spice up your car with Zone Tech Mirror Fuzzy Dice. Make sure these get added to your cart today.

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